5,000 soldiers patrol Paris as France adapts to ‘militarized’ threat at home & abroad

In response to the deadly Paris attacks, the French military has deployed a further 1,000 troops to ensure safety on the capital’s streets. The military deployment comes amid French Defense Ministry’s promises to revise national security strategy.

However, following the Friday 13 massacre that killed 129 people, the French military boosted its presence in the capital with 1,000 additional troops who were deployed within 48 hours of the coordinated terror acts.

A total of 5,000 soldiers are currently patrolling Paris and its suburbs, with additional reinforcements due to arrive by Wednesday. The military are and will be deployed throughout the city, as a state of emergency, declared by President Francois Hollande on Friday night, continues across France. Following the attacks, the French leader ordered an additional deployment of 1,500 military officers in Paris.

On the national territory, as in external operations, the French army is engaged in the fight against Daesh [Islamic State]. All measures are taken to protect our citizens against terrorist groups.

The Sentinelle operation is strengthened by additional staff since November 14, from all over France,” the Ministry of Defense saidFrance is now looking to revise its national security strategy to better respond to terror attacks by using its armed forces at home.