Book celebrates freedom fighters


The Secretary of State for Defence has launched a book chronicling the efforts of freedom fighters who battled for Timorese independence from the day of the Indonesian invasion in 1975 until 1999.

The book canvases their strategies and their trials through the 24 year struggle.   

FDTL Commander-in-chief General Lere Anan Timor said the book detailed the courage of the fighters and the obstacles they encountered from the Indonesians.  

Three experienced civilians and three members of the Portuguese military were consulted for input prior to writing the book. 

General Lere Anan said while no book could give a complete picture of the time, it would give readers an idea of the struggle faced by resistance fighters.  

He said the book was an honest portrayal of the fight for independence. 

Education Minister Bendito Freitas said the book was a significant historical document and would serve to educate new generations about the struggles faced by their elders for their freedom. 

“The book is important for our nation because it is a good reference point and has significant value for the new generation to learn about their nation,” he said. 

He said it was important for the book to achieve wide circulation, particularly in schools, as it will help readers understand the history of their nation and will build a sense of belonging.