PBNU Worries as Radical Group Influence Extended to Celebrities


Liputan6.com, Jakarta The largest Islam Organization in Indonesia, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) views the widespread of radical extremist group as too uncontrollably dangerous and difficult to contain.

It is difficult in a sense that its influence now has extended to those in the more influential positions such as professionals and celebrity. 

So their expanding ambition is not only limited to the young generations but have successfully captured the hearts and minds of those with reputable status. 

Professionals and celebrities have fans and people that look up to them and with them transforming into individuals who spread radical teachings, it is very likely that their die hard fans or followers would be tempted to follow their pathway.


With such profound concern of the radical teachings possible development, Committee of NU requests for the government to immediately administer the formation of legal instrument effective enough to abolish any radical movement evidently developing in the nation. 

Primary targets are focused on those who are determined to cripple Indonesia as a nation and desire for the creation of a new country.

"This is not just dangerous but ultimately scary. From the data collected, it can be seen that some of the Indonesian celebrities have secretly vowed themselves into the radical group’s trap and pledged to increase the number of their fans for future ‘extremist’ parochial ambition," The Secretary General Deputy of NU Committee, Adnan Anwar informed on Thursday 4 June 2015. (Akp/Ein)